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“Do not lie to me and tell me you love me or any woman or person of color or immigrant or queer individual in this country and then throw away your vote. It’s a vote for Trump. And when the dust settles, if Trump wins, no one will pat you on the back when you stand up and shout, “I did the right thing! I voted for Jill Stein!” We’ll all be too busy trying to find a way to see a doctor, or marry somebody we love, or protect a friend. Or protect ourselves. Or protect you.” Read Full Post…

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Sarah said it best…

Time to suck it up and realize voting your conscience (if it is really for the “best”) now means voting party line. Your conscience should tell you a Trump presidency would be BEYOND dangerous, reckless, unnecessary and completely preventable. Saying “Then we deserve it” is flippant and childish. Convincing yourself of anything else is voting your ego, not conscience.

sarah silverman ridiculous

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Oh, Caitlyn

After further following Caitlyn Jenner’s bizarre journey, I have to recant my thrill about her coming out to the world. She still very clearly leads the life of a wealthy white male (as evidenced in her utter oblivion and complete shock to the fact trans people all across the globe must resort to prostitution and crime, have been disowned by their families, and are far from the glamorous life she continues to lead).

I can’t, Cait.

I wish her the best of luck.

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Bizarro Food Fairytales

One thing that makes me absolutely mad is the abundance of bizzaro information out there, much of which is flat out wrong. Thanks to Dr. Oz and Food Babe on the INSANE end of the spectrum, and with shared misinformation through the interweb’s game of telephone on the other, it can be confusing to separate the nonsense from the useful health information.

This can be especially daunting if you are on a budget. Many organic items are more expensive, but a whole, well-rounded diet is not. See my most skin-crawling, blood boiling list of MYTH, WTF & TIPS below.

I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I read and research on a daily basis and pay attention to the tips from my doctor and nutritionist friends. I am simply sharing with you the tips that help me plan and be in control of my health, as well as help you separate out fact from fiction. Continue reading

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Shark Tank Wisdom

As an MBA candidate in the funding stages of my new business, shows such as Shark Tank are incredibly fascinating. Who are these people? Where did these ideas come from?

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